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Professional Stock Market Trainer, Trader & Mentor

About Us

The Founder of ShowmytradeMr. Vishweshwar H.S, is a well-experienced trader and a mentor who teaches Professional Trading for the Indian stock market. His practical experience in Trading for the past ten years has given him valuable insights into identifying the dos and don't of Trading.

He specialized in Short Term Trading, including Intraday trade /BTST or STBT/Swing Trade/Positional Trade and Mechanical Trade.

His approach focused on framing well-defined trading plans coupled with the execution of the same, which is the critical strategy for a successful independent trader in the stock market. He emphasizes the ‘Risk to Reward Trading Strategy’ to ensure consistent and dependable income from Trading.

He is keen on learning and sharing his specialized knowledge with the students on various indicators, trading systems (entry, exit, stop loss & target), and trading whipsaw with a practical solution. Training is imbibed this focused stock market knowledge as per the students' needs/potential/risk tolerance.


“Our main training objective is to generate “Self-Entrepreneurship” for everyone who aspires to achieve a lot with a calculated risk. This Training ensures excellent success for those who continuously unlock their potential through systematic learning and disciplined Trading rules.”

A Stock Market Hub

Showmytrade is a premier share/stock market training institute in India. Specialized in share/stock trading, stock market research, and stock market training for both financial and non-financial experienced public.

We offer Online Share Market Training, In-house Live classes, Stock Market Seminars, Corporate Training, Keynote addresses, Schools, and Colleges’ Share Market awareness campaigns across the country.

Showmytrade has trained more than 9000+ students. Our students include professionals, homemakers, business owners, and anybody who wants to switch their carrier or expects to earn extra passive income with their current job.

Showmytrade’s transformational stock market training includes – robust and actionable share market concepts, relevant information, data, knowledge, Trading software, choosing the right stock-brokers, trading process, live market challenges/scenarios, live scanners, trading rules, trading psychology, helping hand in all three stages of developing “Successful Independent Trader.”

The Indian share market is generally a high volatility stock market! So it needs Professional Training. Practicing with the actual market, start with small capital, defining and refining the investing/trading skills, practical difficulties between wish and reality of the share market. An evolving trader’s mindset is a thriving independent trader’s life journey.

Why Learn the Share Market?

The share/stock market is an enriching and income-generating activity. Essential to learn and practice first before actual substantial investment commitment. Learn from a professional trainer.

The stock market is medium to capture the growth and success of a stable growing company. Just owning such stock will give excellent dividend earning and wealth creation opportunities.

The stock market can provide extra additional earnings and your job/profession. We need stock market knowledge, capital, availability time for the market, and the ability to take a risk takes time and effort. Once we master these skills, we can expect to earn regular handsome returns.

How to Learn the Share Market?

One can earn money from the stock market in two ways.

Long-Term: Using fundamental analysis with the purpose of wealth creation. This is a process of identifying good growing business and investing for the horizon of 4-5 years. We expect anything above ( Bank interest (7-8%) + inflation (4-5%) + Investing premium 4-5%) approximately (15% to 18% CAGR), with (2-3%) risk. This style is called Investing. Some of the concepts are value investing, growth investing, and many more.

Short-TermUsing technical analysis to earn monthly income. It is a process of learning technical analysis, charts, and edge (high probability trade) with a risk to reward ratio for anywhere between a couple of minutes to a few months. We can expect 3-4%/month kind of returns and high risk. If we do not manage our risk, we may also lose most of our capital! This style is called Trading. Some of the concepts are Price Action Trading, Indicator based Trading, Market Profile, and many more.

We teach the stock market in a practical, easy, and step-by-step method! We also help the students in choosing the right stock market products. Rules of trade, time frame, time availability for Trading, ability to take the risk for successful investing or Trading

Showmytrade specializes in

  • Intraday / Day Trading
  • Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) or Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT)
  • Swing Trading
  • Positional Trading and
  • Trading systems

Showmytrade’s well-balanced trading techniques combine Technical Analysis, Money Management, and Stock Market Dynamics. Traders can use these money-making skills to unlock their potential in the stock market.

Showmytrade’s course and live classes are competitively priced to spread the stock market education to the masses. Excellent support and guidance were provided to the students who joined all practical aspects, challenges, and each growth stage for long-term benefits of the stock market and Trading.

How Not to Invest or Trade in the Stock Market!

The majority of the people coming to share or stock market usually enter the market with intentions of growing rich overnight. They depend on various sources for their investment/trading decision. Generally, rumors from friends, Whatsapp messages, So-called Stock Market informers, Television, Newspapers, Websites, Tips providers, and other wide range of information!.

The problem with these sources is that not all the calls are not suitable for our initial capital, the ability to take the risk, the time frame, and the stock market knowledge. Hence may potentially lose our investing money!

The stock market has a learning curve, the stages, the steps. It is advisable to learn from Professional Stock Market Trainer and practice the stock market. Define the objectivity of investing money with what rewards we expect for how much risk!

Showmytrade urges learning the stock market along with your current job or profession. Start with small capital, observe the market dynamics and challenges, and identify your strengths or weaknesses to determine what type of trade or investment we should make.

Showmytrade Share Market Hub

Showmytrade is a share market hub; it’s a Stock Market Learning platform. Share Market Hub provides stock market knowledge and practical and Live market understanding for previous students, new students, first-timers in Share Market, Professional Traders, Professional Trainers, and Stock Market Experts.

In the Courses section:
(1) Online Stock Market Knowledge:  A perfect course for first-timers who want to learn the subject themself! This course is an exclusive #1 course for any background, jargon-free, and taught with context, meaning, and usability of concepts in real-time trading scenarios. It helps new learners in the stock market to take on challenges in real-time trading with sound ideas, information, rules, dos, and don’ts. This course was introduced by many requests from people who want to know about the Share/Stock Market!

(2) Professional Market Master Secrets: This in-depth course covers all relevant aspects to be a “Successful Independent Trader.” This course prepares one for trading in an actual market with Trading Edge, Powerful Techniques, Traders Mindset, How to overcome the challenges faced by Traders, Money management, Position sizing, Trading Software, Tools, valuable websites, actionable articles for continuous learning, etc.,

In the Classroom, articles from basics to advance share market learnings. Approach to the share market, how to learn, practice, and grow as a Successful Independent Trader.

In the Blogs section, the article helps deep learn the stock market, Trader's Mindset, Evolving into “Successful Independent Trader.”

In the Tools section, the "A Brief Company Research," around 500 companies' details are given to help the students to familiarise themselves with the Indian listed companies.  More tools are coming soon.


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