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Showmytrade is a premier share/stock market training institute in India. Specialized in share/stock trading, stock market research, and stock market training for both financial and non-financial experienced public.

We offer Online Share Market Training, In-house Live classes, Stock Market Seminars, Corporate Training, Keynote addresses, Schools, and Colleges’ Share Market awareness campaigns across the country.

Showmytrade has trained more than 4000+ students. Our students include professionals, homemakers, business owners, and anybody who wants to switch their carrier or expects to earn extra passive income with their current job.

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Stock Market Reference

Active Market: Characterized by frequent and large volume of trading of a particular share or shares in general. In such a market the gap between buying and selling prices is narrow. Also, in such a market the buying or selling activities of financial institutions tend to have a lower impact than in a Dull Market. Read more

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