Yankee Bond (U.S.): A bond offering in the U.S. domestic market by a non-U.S. entity registered with the SEC.

Yield: Return on an investment expressed as a percentage. Most often used to refer to the gross redemption yield on a bond, being the return to a purchaser if the bond is held to maturity ignoring taxes and the prospect of default. Another term for interest rate.

Yield Curve: A graph showing yield on the Y-axis, and period of maturity on the X-axis for fixed income investments of the same kind, i.e, government bonds, debentures, or other loan instruments.

Yield Curve Risk: Risk of bond price volatility due to changes in the shape of the yield curve.

Yield Gap: The difference between the average annual yield on equity dividends and the average annual yield of long-term gilt-edged securities. With rising equity prices, the dividend yield becomes lower, which results in a negative yield.

Yield Spread: It is the differential between the dividend yield on shares and the current yield on bonds.

Yuppie Scam (U.S.): The name was given to the Wall Street insider trading scandal after a host of smart young lawyers, bankers, and arbitrageurs were found to be in the dealing ring.

Yield To Maturity (YTM): The rate of return anticipated on a bond if it is held until the maturity date. YTM is considered a long term bond yield expressed as an annual rate

YTD: Year to date.

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