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  • Is the stock market suitable for me?

    This question carries great value. If this question has occurred to you, then you are on the right platform.

    If you are new to the trade, then enrol yourself for the Trading basic courses. First, you have to be clear of all the Trading concepts, which will ensure you pick up the right stock, which will yield you more profit. If anyone trades without any clue of trading concepts then that person is highly exposed to risk.

    Considering that you already know the trading concepts, your investment decision has to be backed by the technical analysis. The reason behind trusting the technical tools rather than prediction, it will save you from losing all your hard-earned money in the market. In simple words, the prediction will not work in the stock market; it will ruin you.

    With the knowledge gained and the practical experience on day to day basis, it helps you to minimize your risk and maximize your profits. Before trading, you have to define yourself regarding the type of investment you are making, whether short term or long term. Get acquainted with the types of Trading like Intraday, Swing, Positional Trading, etc.

    If you can achieve good market concepts, choose the right stock with the help of techniques resulting in low risk, then there is a vast scope of earning maximum profits on your investment in the market.
  • Is the stock market profitable always?

    “When things change inside you, things change around you.” It is the best quote I can give you in this context for a Profession.

    Like any other profession (Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Chartered Accountant) even stock trading is also a profession. The learning and the market experience takes its time to be an expert in trading. You cannot expect a mechanical engineer to design a machine on the first day of his college, or a doctor to do the surgery by just reading theory. Both knowledge and experience is required.

    Nevertheless Market is open to huge earnings, only when properly planned, executed, and followed with a lot of strict discipline. Absolutely there is no doubt that trading is a profitable profession!!

    An amateur trader likes to trade anything and everything, his undisciplined approach to Market will first wipe him out, hammers him to be on the proper track, and forces him to change his attitude, only then he can make fortunes.
  • Can we earn a fixed/sure income month on month?

    Do not mix employment with the business. Underemployment, you are offered a salary as a fixed income for the services rendered by you. Trading is a ‘professional business.’ Under the business, one can earn huge profits also or undergo losses depending on the way the business performed.

    Well, the good news is that you cannot earn fixed/sure monthly income, but you can make crores. The bad news is ‘YOU’ yourself is your biggest enemy of your own investing. Our self-destructive speculative trading and the mindset to get rich quick from the stock markets is the biggest obstacle to make crores from the stock markets.

    However, if you trade cautiously, taking calculated risks and trading very conservatively, you can accumulate passive income over the years in the stock market. Bear it in mind that accumulating wealth over the years and not in days/ months. It is possible only through conservative trading and not aggressive trading.
  • How to approach the stock market?

    Good question!

    There are certain tips to approach the Stock Market.
    • Emotions, Sentiments, and Ego do not work in the stock market because it's simple- 'Market do not know you '!!
    • Stay away from 'Fear' and 'Greed.' Both these extremes will ruin you.
    • Always make a plan.
    • Focus on hot stocks which are hitting new highs.
    • Be faster in taking partial or full profits- Unless you take it's not yours, Market is so dynamic it keeps changing.
    • Cut your losses quickly.
    • Have faith in the market technical tools and strictly follow them.
    • Do not believe the market hypes of any stock, do your research.
    • Mainly believe in yourself.
    Making a fortune in the stock market can be a dream / an unachievable task, but can be achieved if you follow the above steps and keep this dedicated approach in mind. If you prepare yourself for setbacks and understand the